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November 5, 2021by all about culture0

How much life have you missed because it doesn’t fit with your “plan” or schedule.

Years ago I wrote a book which scared me.  At first I hid it and then made change after change believing it wasn’t good enough. Finally, I went back to the original version.

A few years ago I was speaking to a group of entrepreneur students and some asked to buy a copy of the book.  I received feedback within days. However, I was too “busy” on other projects and plans to notice what was happening.

Fear is subtle and like myself you can miss opportunities if you are not paying attention.  

Being around people who are interested in development, I hear talk of visualisation and affirmations as techniques to getting your plan to work. Like they have it all figured out.

These are deeply spiritual practices – the power of the mind and spoken word, not to be taken lightly. Skimming the surface using for personal gain and satisfaction (not the intended use) can cause you to feel frustrated and disillusioned.

Used for the highest good – yourself and others, they can indeed be highly creative.

From my own experience, if we refuse to listen to the nudges and events that are taking place in our life/family/community and now globally, life will happen to us. Normally these will be perceived as unwanted events. Sometimes events that leave you on your knees.

Look back at the events in your life, if you are not stuck in resentment and blame, you will likely see why it had to happen that way. You will see that if you grew through the change your life is evolving. If you are struggling or stuck in past events read The Key to Mental Health.

You are not unlucky. You are not a bad person. Crisis moments, disasters, storms –  life’s way of pointing you in a new direction or clearing the path for the new to arrive. Be prepared when they come along.

This is true for other people too. Be careful not to judge others when they are in crisis moments. You have no idea what there path is and you have no idea whats round the corner for you. So remind them when they are struggling.

Life can change quickly. Can you hold your plan and be open to other possibilities or changes?

I’ve learned life’s plan is always better than my own.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, I invite you to do the work – to open to life’s plan for you. Need inspiration, read ……. The Gift of Inspiration.  

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