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November 12, 2021by all about culture0

I once heard Wayne Dyer say that there are those who are unconscious and believe they have no control over their life or environment, those who believe they are empowered and can make changes and those who have gone further, surrendering to something greater than themselves.

If you are reading this you are not the former.

If in the self empowerment camp – how can you go beyond your personal will? How can you learn true visioning?

First, visioning and visualisation are not the same thing. Visioning is creative, a spiritual process that happens by following your intuition. Visualisation on the other hand is a mental process whereby you use reason and conscious choice.

Visioning and creating a life that goes beyond a personal limited version of yourself (read Your plan, life’s plan) requires you to go deeper, beyond thoughts and emotions.

There is no denying there is a place for visualisation. Maxwell Maltz’s book Psychocybernetics was hugely successful, sold millions of copies. He was a plastic surgeon who could see his patients had body image issues as opposed to a real need for plastic surgery. Used in this way or as a technique to overcome a fear of public speaking or to perfect a golf swing, there is no great problem.

Sitting with your conscious mind, choosing what you want and then using techniques to manipulate your environment is not visioning and will hinder your growth. Joy, energy, exuberance, freshness will be felt when inspired and following a higher purpose.  

To have to an inspired life, you have to be connected, if struggling read The  Key to Mental Health).

Visioning happens when you can feel what wants to come forward.

True visioning is a birthing, a gift.

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