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November 1, 2021by all about culture0

Hopefully you have been touched by the gift of inspiration.

I didn’t feel properly inspired until I was an adult. I don’t know about you but I don’t want any kids having to wait to feel inspired.

An inspired person is alive and helps to enliven others. How can you experience more of this and live a life of inspiration?

Let me share what I have learned:

What inspiration is not:
– Anything that feels forced, controlled or contrived – this includes activities, careers, conversations, relationships, books, music, speakers, writers.
– The manifestation of selfish personal desires, fantasies, wishes and wants
– Addiction of any sort no matter how high it takes you – work, sex, drink, drugs
– Do-gooder or martyrdom behaviours – sadly found in many churches and charities. (True inspiration is authentic not living to a set of ideals, or image of what a good person is).
– The majority of what people put on a vision board
– Sitting in a boardroom or in a leadership away day, attempting to pull together a vision or mission statement
– Pushing as opposed to pulling or being pulled
– Ultimately anything that does not feel right, read Your plan, life’s plan

Years ago, a speaker (wife of a well-known successful motivational speaker) at a ladies business lunch, said if there is anything that does not feel right about what you are doing, stop. She said she had learned this when developing a programme for self-esteem. When she was finally able to communicate it (feeling completely right), there was a queue of people at the back of the room to buy the programme. It hadn’t even been developed at that point – the next 48 hours were busy.

I wrote a book 10 years ago. It took me 8 years to be able to articulate that idea concisely for others to understand. Once it was done, I knew that was it.

What gets in the ways of us accessing this inspiration or being able to communicate a vision is often the same at home or in the office – not trusting yourself, rushing, pain, additions, fear, apathy, conditioning, environment, schooling, among a few.

If a leader has not overcome these issues, difficult to expect their team to do so.

When inspired, your life is moving, not static. This takes a level of confidence as it requires stopping,  as often as is needed.  

Give yourself permission.

Live a life of inspiration. I wish you success. 

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