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“In my heritage, there is a saying cultura cura, culture cures. If the culture is a healer, the families learn how to heal; they will struggle less, be more reparative, far less wounding, far more graceful and loving. In a culture where the predator rules, all new life needing to be born, all old life needing to be gone, is unable to move and the soul-lives of its citizenry are paralyzed with both fear and spiritual famine”. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The culture cures.

For new life, innovation, creativity, the culture must heal. Predatory forces, kept at bay. True within family, business and community.

Rather than finger pointing or creating division about who is and is not a predator. It is better to recognise you are whole. This recognition will ensure that you never become or follow a predator.

Fear and spiritual famine are a signal / symptom that this force has taken hold somewhere in your life. Read Unblock your intuitive nature and The gift of inspiration.

As you are not responsible or in control of other people, only yourself. The first priority is always to look at you, make yourself whole. As you grow, you take your family with you. Only then should you consider community.

People who jump to family and community without looking at themselves are likely to become a predatory force. Avoid them!

Debbie Ford, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers explains that those seeking to become whole (not perfect!) will always meet their shadow. What does it take to create a culture that is willing to embrace the individuals shadow with compassion so that it can be healed and integrated?

Within business this requires a complete overhaul in how you develop and lead people – an individuals inner work at the core of the development/learning process. As an HR professional looking at the profession from recruitment through to diversity, learning, wellbeing – everything is focused on the external. Very little deep work is taking place.

To create a great culture you need mentally and emotionally healthy people, people who are doing the work, people who are leading themselves. (Read, The Key to Mental Health).

Within your personal life, this requires conscious effort, focusing on the external is easy, with the news and constant fear mongering from covid to climate change.  

Awareness of whats happening in the world is absolutely necessary but using as a means to escape or deny your self impacts your culture.  If you are not sure where to start read Follow your hunches and Intuition is intelligence.

Make a commitment to creating a culture that cures.  Make a commitment to bring healing to yourself, to make yourself whole.

To do the work that is required to bring grace and love to yourself, your family, your business and your community.

La cultura cura.

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