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December 14, 2021by all about culture0

Jiddu Krishnamurti, world renowned thinker and teacher said intelligence is in the present moment, when a person is not caught in thought or future.

Ram Dass, famous spiritual teacher stated that the next message you need is always right where you are.

The message is consistent.  In Your plan, life’s plan, I give an example – we are always presented with reality.  Intelligence, the next message is always right here.

Intellect is often misunderstood for intelligence. You can have a high IQ level yet be completely naive to the ways of the world. Likewise some of the smartest people have never stepped inside a university and would fail ability tests asked by many employers.

This no more true than in the field of mental health. (read more, all about culture).  Many academics and schools of thought have developed over the years (by individuals who have no personal experience) in attempt to conceptualise and understand behaviours that scare most people. 

Many highly creative and gifted people are experiencing periods where they are in their intuitive nature yet are not approaching with intelligence and can become blocked.

To stay in the present moment and use intelligence requires you to follow your hunches.  True hunches, not panicking, not quick fixes for relief.  It requires you to be honest with yourself, recognise and sit with your fears and make good decisions.  

Intelligence will always lead you towards a more stable base, going beyond superficial life choices.  Developing stronger roots – in yourself, family, relationships and home.  

A number of years ago, I had a conversation with a lady who was running a successful business and an opportunity was presenting itself that would take the business to the next level. Yet there were problems. She told me about her own mental health diagnosis of bipolar. Her team were also struggling with their mental and emotional health.

This woman was highly creative, could work for days on end without taking a break. She was not approaching her creativity and work with  intelligence.  The business was successful at this time but the cracks were appearing, she could not sustain herself or her team.

To continue successfully, she would have to stop being a too good mother to her team, face her on issues/fears and acknowledge/harness her own gifts and creativity.

Had she been open and listening to the conversation that was taking place, a different way was emerging.

A more intuitive way. A more intelligent way.

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