Breakthrough fear resistance & doubt

Overcome resistance, past hurts and repetitive thought patterns

Rest deeply and feel physically healthy

Learn to switch off and rest with ease to increase energy levels

Confidence in
making changes

Become confident in making changes in your business and personal life

I recently attended a Workshop and I am so happy I did. Kelly is brilliant, I would highly recommend her book and workshops to everyone.


I have been on a journey for a number of years, trying all different approaches. In one workshop, Kelly has helped me open my eyes and recognise that “trying hard” isn’t working. I have taken away the message that I need to sit my numerous books to the side and learn to calm my mind. Still not quite sure how I’ll do it but I do know that I’m up for the challenge! Thank you.


"A recent change of circumstances caused me to re-read it. It's such a helpful book. It's not all theory - yes there is some of that - but it's the helpful, simple advice and actions that really make this such a godsend. Thanks for sharing"


I am glad I found this book which has had a Midas touch on me.