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November 17, 2021by all about culture0

This post has been re-written several times and delayed in publishing.  What more could you expect when writing a post about following your hunches.  

Following the hunches, going beyond thought and emotion, a knowing or not knowing.  

In the gift of inspiration I give an example of this explained by the wife of a professional speaker and when writing the synopsis of my book (which took 8 years). 

I can think of various examples of following the hunches of bigger life events that led to some beautiful relationships and experiences.

More important though is to build confidence intuitively in every day life – to continue a conversation or not, to walk or stay home, to work or rest or to continue to question your teenage son for 30 minutes before he breaks and admits to drinking alcohol!

A knowing or trusting that takes place.

Its not what you think that some people have special gifts or powers. Yes, some people may be more intuitive but only because they have learned to master themselves and harness intuition. It can be learned and it can always be developed further.

A couple of points that I would like to share;

First be prepared to be wrong. You might not know if you are following intuition or fear.  You will learn through experience. The lessons, learnings and mistakes must come from you.

No-one likes to be wrong. And some people will make it their life’s work to make sure you don’t forget if you are.

Just because others think you are wrong does not necessarily mean you are.  So there is a confidence and trusting of yourself required. Also the absolute necessity for humility in admitting mistakes.

Second is being prepared to act on this knowing. There are plenty of know it alls on the side lines (those I mention above) yet there are not so many taking this knowledge and wisdom and acting upon it. You have to jump when its time to jump.

In 2008 when I was seriously struggling (read more – all about culture) the information that was shared by mainstream medical professionals didn’t sit well with me and I had to trust myself to learn more. After I learned what I did and shared it with others, some thought I was crazy.   I had to trust more.   What happened next …..

Life moved fast and to continue to follow the hunches I had to change… I had built a whole life based on the expectations of others.  

I had to start jumping and keep jumping and here we are.

That was many years ago.   There are no guarantees when you jump but i’ve learned it’s always worth it.  There can be questioning and doubts. There are times when the hunches stop and you have no idea what to do next.

The trust and confidence has come the more I surrender my own will and allow life to take over –  when I’m on my path. If you haven’t been following your path, if you’ve allowed fear to take over or if you built a false life, you will keep getting the nudge …..

Follow the hunches.






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