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"I have been fortunate to read The Key to Mental Health. It was a weekend and I decided I would read the first chapter - I read the book in one go. I never felt like I was reading a book. It felt similar to situations I faced – the reason is she wrote from her heart. Like the book says, it’s not a miracle or a quick fix. It’s definitely the power tool to change the perception of people who face fear and depression.

What I liked about her book is that she has beautifully articulated the emotional talk between our mind and body. It helps to understand we are not alone or abnormal. We often share our thoughts with people who never understand us, thinking medication is the solution. She gives us the reasons for why we are behaving in a particular manner and how powerful our thoughts are. She has brought in all existing techniques, saving us money, putting us on the right track. The scientific facts and her experience are proof of concept for the effort she has taken to reach out to people like me.

The book has changed my perception about myself. I believe that it’s not our fault that we are not making the effort to get rid of negative feelings and misconceptions. It’s just that we need right roadmap to reach our thoughts and feelings. Until then it’s a struggle. No matter what state your mind is wavering to and fro, this book can help you to rediscover a new powerful you. A woman’s feelings are best described and understood by other women. I am glad I found this book which has had a Midas touch on me."


I bought and read this first almost 5 years ago having worked with Kelly briefly and admired greatly her approach to life. A recent change of circumstances caused me to re-read it. It's such a helpful book. It's not all theory - yes there is some of that - but it's the helpful, simple advice and actions that really make this such a godsend. Thanks for sharing Kelly.

Malcolm FalkirkMalcolm Falkirk

The key to mental health, has reinvented self help books.

In a modern day world with everything is evolving, so is self help books - this book as helped mental health knowledge accessible to read. For me what makes this self help book different to the others is the fresh ideas - which is easy to fit into my life without any stigmas. It is easy to read and understand, which helped me to understand myself and how I can change. This book reads to me as an invividual - alternative prespective to treatment, that hasn't been suggested to myself before and I didnt know they exsisted. The Key to mental health is fun and entertaining throughout the book.

From implicating this book into my life I have saw great change in myself , how I see other and how I live my life.

I feel I am becomming my true self, through alternative methods I learned in this book.

K PerryK Perry

Fantastic book with wonderful points and tips and insights. Very very refreshing. Would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interested in their own health, their families, friends and the people they care about.

Mark JonesMark Jones

It's as though she's taken every bit of gold from all the best books on stress, anxiety and depression and put them altogether in one book.


Breakthrough extreme fears and doubts

Overcome resistance, past hurts and repetitive thought patterns

Rest deeply and feel physically healthy

Learn to switch off and rest with ease to increase energy levels

Regain confidence in yourself and life

Become confident in making changes to improve your health and wellbeing

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