“I don’t understand, I’ve changed my relationship, relocated, changed career, why is this happening?”

A friend on the other end of the phone, in crisis and extremely distressed. 

“You didn’t do the work”, my reply.

In 2008, I was in a similar place, living in hell. With a new baby and toddler, I was spiralling downwards quickly.  A number of other life changes were happening at the same time – career, family health, bereavement and I couldn’t cope.  I made a decision to understand why this happened and what I could do. 


I was led to books and started to research.


Psychiatrists, critical psychiatry, anxiety experts, psychology, neuroscience, self-help, transition experts. I realised some had parts, not a complete story. 

The Key to Mental Health was born.  A book that joins the dots, empowering you to manage your own mental health. 

I never suffered symptoms again, however, the transformation was more theoretical than embodied – there was further work to do, facing pain and trauma.  

Culturally,  we have work to do – educating people to take responsibility for their own growth and developing leaders who are inspiring others through their growth.  Most importantly, delivering this in a way that is available and accessible to all.  

I applied what I learned to my professional life as an HR Change Leader. Not only did this help to improve performance and add value but we were able to inspire others through growth achieving Best Companies award for engagement.

Before psychiatry, psychology and various fields of study, anthropologists tell us that traditional societies mastered transformation through all of life’s changes.  Fully embodied. No distractions.  At one with nature. 

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